Harrison House

Lean on Me


Boarding facilities for 69 boys and 86 girls are available
We are deeply conscious of the responsibility we carry, and shall strive to cater for the physical, intellectual, cultural and spiritual well-being of your children. If we are successful, they will share in our pride and loyalty, to the school and the hostel. But this can only be achieved by means of the daily inculcation of sound habits of obedience, punctuality, diligence, industry, perseverance and co-operation. It is not possible to administer a hostel for 148 school children without clearly defined rules of procedures and behaviour being strictly enforced. You will appreciate that these rules are not arbitrary, but in every case serve a necessary purpose, and that your full co-operation is absolutely essential.


Applications for admission or re-admissions must be submitted to the Headmaster before the end of August.

Application forms may be obtained from the Hostel Secretary and must be completed in full.


You will be notified, in writing whether or not your child has been accepted.

Boarders must report to the Hostel between 15:00 and 18:00 on the day before the school re-opens

Email application documents to hostel@generalsmutshighschool.co.za



Payment is expected as follows:

  • R 200 Admin Fee (on submission of forms)
  • R 1 500 Hostel Registration fee (to be paid with first monthly payment)
  • R 3 300 Hostel Monthly Fee (to be paid for 10 months)

Total Hostel Fee per year including Admin & Registration R 34 700

Fees are paid in advance at the beginning of each Month.


Please note that no cash will be accepted at the hostel when your child registers.  All fees are to be paid into the Hostel bank account and proof of payment is to be brought to the hostel.  Cheques will not be accepted.  If a child arrives without proof of payment, he/she will not be permitted to register.

Provisional Tuition fees are payable directly to the school.